Pictures for the wedding invitation

Pictures for the wedding invitation.

A couple who already have a long standing story to tell. Femke and Kenneth make a beautiful pair. The companionship, love, and dedication they have to one another is visible. This session was held before their wedding, which took place earlier this month in July, here in Belgium.

The intention was to make the wedding invitation with one of the photos. Purpose accomplished!

For the photos, we went to the place where the civil wedding was held, in Lanaken. Domein Pietersheim is a famous green area among people who enjoy walking, cycling or simply enjoying nature.
We unite the useful to pleasant. And a session with this couple was fundamental to getting to know each other better and to have an excellent use on the wedding day.

Here’s the tip for the readers: get to know your photographer well and, if possible, take a moment before the wedding day to be photographed. On the wedding day the interaction is even more pleasurable.

Now I’ll let you guys enjoy the pictures of this couple. Soon a post about their wedding. Keep yourself online 😉

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wedding invitation

wedding invitation

wedding invitation

wedding invitation

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