About a family in Algarve

Hello! Today’s post is about a family living in Portimão – Algarve, southern region of Portugal.

Gabriela, Eric and Theodoro: a beautiful family, full of love, joy and disposition. We found ourselves in Praia da Rocha and took advantage of that wonderful place, with a beautiful light and an incredible sunset.

Teodoro was just over a month old and behaved so well. That small baby certainly brought even more light to the life of this couple.

About the session, we chose to stay only in Praia da Rocha. Which was a great idea. This beach in Algarve is beautiful by the combination of rocks and sea of clear water (like most of the beaches of this region :D). The grandma of the Teodoro was also there and we took some photos with her too 🙂

But we also had a moment of only photos of the couple. That’s when they surprised me with their love. I love seeing couples who are not ashamed to publicly show what they feel for each other, who take every second and enjoy the hug, the kiss, the affection…

Anyway, check out the photos below and feel the heart of this beautiful family.

P.s .: and for you that do not know yet, I am always available to photograph in any corner of the world;) Portugal is a leap from here in Belgium. Just like France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy …. 😀 contact us to find out how it works.

E-mail: info@tamypimentel.com

Kisses and until the next post!



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